Diane Messias is a freelance comedy writer and performer.  A former BBC Comedy Producer / Director, her copious credits include One Foot In The Grave, The News Quiz, and Week Ending.  

She spent two years living in Nice (which was sometimes Not Nice), where the dogs are short and the men are shorter.  Her French exploits are chronicled on Driving Over Expats  and she also writes a topical satire blog, AmuzeNewz

Diane teaches comedy writing and standup at The Actors Centre and ALRA in London, for Evolution Arts in Brighton, and with her company Secret of Comedy and she also works as a script consultant with her company ScriptWhizz.   In addition, Diane runs a drama-writing Meetup group in London, Off The Page

She appears on Twitter as @NiceEtoile, and is currently writing material for her newly-formed satirical group, The Caustic Sodas.

Diane currently lives in Brighton with her Stuffed Dog, who’s not very happy about leaving his girlfriend, a Stuffed Poodle, back on the Cote D’Azur, though she always thought he was only toying with her.  Available for hire as a writer and after-dinner speaker.  (Me, that is. You couldn’t afford the dog).

Contact her at dianemessias1@gmail.com

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